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Behind every skyline there are neighborhoods, relationships, people, and stories …

Windy City Stories by Dave & Neta Jackson




Each of the four volumes are drawn from the lives of 15 key Christian heroes and constitute a beautifully illustrated treasury of 45 exciting and educational readings designed to help foster Christian character qualities in families with elementary aged children. These inspiring collections presents a short biography followed by three true stories for each hero plus an applicable Scripture verse and discussion questions. Whether read together as family devotions or alone, the Hero Tales volumes are an ideal way to acquaint children with historically important Christians while imparting valuable character-based lessons (noted in italic after each story title).

Click HERE for a sample of a biography and three character-based stories drawn from the life of one of the 60 featured heroes in these volumes. The downloadable PDF file is named "HeroTale sample Corrie ten Boom.pdf". For best viewing us a computer or large tablet.

Hero Tales, Vol. 1

Hero Tales, Vol. 1

Gladys Aylward: The Small Woman

Not Good Enough—Confidence
The Official Foot Inspector—Resourcefulness
The Man With the Axe—Courage

William & Catherine Booth: Founders of the Salvation Army

The General’s Boxer—Creativity
“Come Hear a Woman Preach!”—Boldness
Training for a Young Soldier—Discipline

Amy Carmichael: Dohnavur Fellowship, India

The Best Jewels of All—Sacrifice
“The Child-Catching Missie Ammal”—Compassion
Messy Work for God—Servanthood

Adoniram & Ann Judson: America’s First Foreign Missionaries

The Talking Place—Truthfulness
The Book in the Pillow—Perseverance
The Peace Treaty Feast—Forgiveness

David Livingstone: Explorer Missionary to Africa

Attacked by a Lion—Thankfulness
“Livingstone’s Children”—Humility
“Doctor Livingstone, I Presume?”—Dedication

Martin Luther: Giant of the Reformation

Saved for a Purpose—Vision
“Here I Stand!”—Courage
Wife in a Barrel—Joy

Dwight L. Moody: Shoe Salesman for God

More Fun Than Selling Shoes—Repentance
The Night Chicago Burned—Boldness
“The Ship Is Sinking!”—Strength

Samuel Morris: Evangelist From Africa

The “Sheriff” of the Three-Masted Ship—Peacemaker
Taking New York—Boldness
Take Heart!—Encouragement

George Müller: Man of Faith

Breakfast From Heaven—Faith
The Unwelcome Gift—Graciousness
Will the Boiler Blow?—Trust

Menno Simons: A Prophet of Peace

An “Outlaw” for the Lord—Integrity
Reward: 100 Gold Coins—Loyalty
The Ship in the Ice—Sacrificial Love

Mary Slessor: Pioneer Missionary to Calabar

The Bully’s Challenge—Courage
“Run, Ma! Run!”—Mercy
Standing in the Way—Peacemaker

Hudson Taylor: Englishman With a Pigtail

The Fastest Boat Home—Faith
The Evil Plot—Trust
“Why Didn’t You Come Sooner?”—Obedience

Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad

Blow to the Forehead—Compassion
Liberty . . . or Death—Joy
“Wanted: Dead or Alive!”—Perseverance

William Tyndale: The Man Who Gave Us the English Bible

The “Plow-Boy Challenge”—Vision
Burn the Books!—Patience
The False Friend—Faith

John Wesley: The Founder of Methodism

The Holy Club—Discipline
Rotten Eggs and Bold Words—Boldness
Taming the Money Monster—Generosity

Published by:

Bethany House

ISBN: 978-0764200786

Paperback: 192 pages
List Price: $16.99

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Hero Tales, Vol. 2

Hero Tales, Vol. 2

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: He Dared to Stand Up to Hitler

A German in Harlem—Loyalty
“Church, Remain a Church!”—Truth
Double Agent ... and Pastor—Peace

John Bunyan: The Pilgrim Who Made Progress

The Chance to Escape Not Taken—Courage
Leaving Mary in Jesus’ Hands—Trust
The Jailhouse Preacher—Creativity

Peter Cartwright: The Two-Fisted Preacher

Catching the Trickster—Discernment
The Joy of Doing Right—Justice
The Cornstalk Duel—Humor

Jim Elliot: A Modern Martyr for Stone—Age Indians

A Boyhood Dream—Joy
Operation Auca—Patience
“We’ve Made Contact!”—Sacrifice

Elizabeth Fry: Angel of the Prisons

Fanning the Spark—Respect
The Little Lost Book—Truth
A Bitter Good—Bye—Mercy

Festo Kivengere: Africa’s Apostle of Love

No Place to Hide—Surrender
A Language Anyone Can Understand—Repentance
“I Love Idi Amin”—Love

Eric Liddell: Olympic Champion and Missionary to China

The Impossible Run—Perseverance
“I Can’t Run”—Integrity
The Flying Scotsman—Sportsmanship

Watchman Nee: Leader of the Chinese House Church Movement

Only Tell God—Trust
It Rained on Their Parade—Faith
Victory in War?—Prayer

John Newton: The Slave Trader Who Found Grace

Saved for a Purpose—Destiny
The Minister No One Wanted—Perseverance
The Stranger in the Heavy Coat—Restitution

Florence Nightingale: A Nurse at Heart

Poor Old Cap—Kindness
Locked Out—Patience
Six Lousy Shirts—Generosity

John Perkins: A Man Hate Couldn’t Stop

One Small Push for Justice—Wisdom
Beaten in the Brandon Jail—Forgiveness
Black and White Together—Reconciliation

Amanda Smith: American Evangelist to the World

Going to the Fair—Obedience
Two Dollars for India—Trust
The Best Way to Fight—Forgiveness

Corrie ten Boom: The Watchmaker’s Daughter

Betrayed at the Beje—Faithfulness
“Thank You, God, for the Fleas”—Thankfulness
“No Fishing Allowed”—Forgiveness

Cameron Townsend: Founder of Wycliff Bible Translators

“Do You Know Senor Jesus?”—Humility
The Gospel in the Beer Garden—Obedience
First Check With the Head Honcho—Wisdom

David Zeisberger: Missionary and Friend to Native Americans

The Gold Coin—Honesty
Adopted by the Turtle Clan—Friendship
Massacre at Beautiful Spring—Trust

Published by:

Castle Rock Creative

ISBN: 978-0998210797

Paperback: 192 pages
List Price: $18.84

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Hero Tales, Vol. 3

Hero Tales, Vol. 3

Mary McLeod Bethune: Teacher of Head, Hands, and Heart

“But . . . Where’s the School?”—Faith
No Such Thing as a Menial Task—Diligence
“‘Whosoever’ Means You!”—Dignity

William Bradford: Puritan of Plymouth

Saving Squanto’s Skin—Peacemaker
Share One Another’s Burdens—Integrity A Slippery Sea of Mud—Faith

Brother Andrew: God’s Smuggler

Revival in a Chocolate Factory—Obedience
Game of the Royal Way—Trust
“Make the Seeing Eyes Blind”—Encouragement

George Washington Carver: The Man Who Saved the South From Poverty

“Be Like Libby”—Perseverance
Most Weeds Have a Purpose Resourcefulness
The School on Wheels—Service

Jonathan & Rosalind Goforth: China’s “Flaming Preacher”

God Must Come First—Trust
A Tent for Seven Hundred People—Vision
The Impossible Letter—Forgiveness

Billy Graham: Evangelist to the World

The Modesto Manifesto—Purity
Billy’s “Hour of Decision”—Faith
The Ends Don’t Justify the Means—Resisting Evil

Betty Greene: Pioneer Missionary Pilot

Escape of the Duck—Preparation
Come When You’re Called—Availability
No Old, Bold Pilots—Caution

Clarence Jones: Mr. Missionary Radio

“Jones’ Folly”—Vision
The Piece of junk—Obedience
The Wake—Up Call—Leadership

Gordon McLean: Chaplain to Gang Kids

Someone’s Looking Out for You—Confidence
“I’m Not Your Judge”—Impartiality
Single for the Lord—Contentment

Lottie Moon: From Southern Belle to Chinese Missionary

The Heavenly Foot Society—Determination
On the Road With Jesus—Endurance
Taking a Beating for Jesus—Courage

Luis Palau: The Billy Graham of Latin America

Life Isn’t Fair!—Resisting Temptation
The Mile—Long Choir—Ingenuity
“Say Yes, Chicago”—Surrender

St. Patrick: Missionary to Ireland

“Your Ship Is Ready”—Trust
The Fire on the Hill—Boldness
Blood on the White Robes—Righteous Anger

Rochunga Pudaite: From Tribesman to Translator

Finding Truth in a Tree and Under a Bush—Truth
Good Versus the Best—Sacrifice
“Let Your Fingers Do the Walking”—Creativity

Mother Teresa: Friend of the Poor

Jesus in Distressing Disguise—Compassion
Following the Footsteps of Jesus—Humility
Even If a Mother Forgets—Boldness

Charles Albert Tindley: Prince of Preachers

Heaven’s Christmas Tree—Hope
“No Charge”—Compassion
The Singing Preacher—Praise

Published by:

Castle Rock Creative

ISBN: 978-0998210780

Paperback: 192 pages
List Price: $18.84

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Hero Tales, Vol. 4

Hero Tales, Vol. 4

Ricky & Sherialyn Byrdsong: Coaching Kids in the Game of Life

Windy-City Panhandler—Advocate
From Tragedy to Triumph—Victory
The Missing Shoes—Generosity

Ben Carson: The Brain Surgeon They Called “Dummy”

One Shiny Rock—Vision
Crabs in a Bucket—Wisdom
It’s No Accident—Victory

Eliza Davis George: Liberia’s American “Mother”

Two Hundred Miles by Ankle-Express—Perseverance
Snip and Stitch—Encouragement
“Son, Take It”—Sacrifice

John Harper: The Titanic’s Last Hero

Crowning King Jesus—Zeal
“Dear John Is Far Ben”—Intercession
“It Will Be Beautiful in the Morning”—Self-Sacrifice

Samuel Leigh: Pioneer Missionary to Australia

A Change of Plans?—Resisting Temptation
Going the Extra Two Miles—Obedience
The Fishhook Escape—Resourcefulness

C. S. Lewis: The Writer behind the Wardrobe

The Boy Next Door—Friendship
A Battlefield Promise—Loyalty
How Narnia Came to Be—Imagination

Samson Occom: Native-American “Moses”

Creating Our Own Settlements—Foresight
Shepherd through the Wilderness—Caring
“That’s Not Fair!”—Dignity

John G. Paton: Missionary to the South Sea Islands

Passing Up the Good to Achieve the Best—Dedication
“It’s God’s Decision Whether Cannibals or Worms Eat My Body!”—Resolve
“Rain” From Below—Ingenuity

Pandita Ramabai: Liberator of Hindu Widows

The Disinvited Guests—Diplomacy
A New Year’s Celebration—Compassion
“Write My Name!”—Vision

Joy Ridderhof: Founder of Gospel Recordings

“GRP: Good Rejoicing Practice!”—Rejoicing
Raining Orchids—Patience
A Wounded Head under a Hairy Scalp—Boldness

Rómulo Sauñe: An Inca with a Royal Message

Heart Medicine—Love
Angels Watching Over You—Boldness
The Helper on the Mountain—Friendliness

William J. Seymour: “Father” of Modern Pentecostals

The Headless Phantom—Discernment
Washing Away the Color Line—Reconciliation
Many Languages, Many Gifts, One Gospel—Faithfulness

John & Betty Stam: They Lived—and Died—for Christ

Letters Home—Praise
“We’re Going to Heaven”—Trust
Baby in a Rice Basket—Victory

Tom White: A Really “Bad” Bible Boy

Just One More Trip—Self-Sacrifice
“Mayday! Mayday! We’re Going Down!”—Faith
“I’m Just Singing About Jesus!”—Praise

William Wilberforce: British Antislavery Crusader

The Proud Man in the Dark Coat—Teachability
John Wesley’s Last Letter—Endurance
A “Joshua” to Carry On—Sharing

Published by:

Castle Rock Creative

ISBN: 978-1737240105

Paperback: 192 pages
List Price: $18.84

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