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Behind every skyline there are neighborhoods, relationships, people, and stories …

Windy City Stories by Dave & Neta Jackson



Devotionals for times like these!

By Dave and Neta Jackson

Over 200 stories of God's faithfulness to men and women
who weathered the worst!

We've been gathering these stories for over twenty years, and they are finally available in a format that does justice to the men and women who lived them by reminding us how they trusted God and why we regularly need to hear those encouraging words: "Fear not!"

We live in difficult times! And yet . . . throughout history people of faith have endured tragic circumstances and even martyrdom with extraordinary courage and heroic faith. How? Why? What can we learn from them to face the everyday hardships in our own lives—and even greater storms yet to come?

These devotionals look back to help us move forward by meditating on . . .

  • 215 stories of men and women through the ages who lived—and many who died—for Christ.
  • Stories that show us the importance of being thoroughly Christian in the decisions and choices we make, the lifestyles we choose, the priorities we set, the way we handle our relationships.
  • Stories of sacrificial love for enemies, which has more power to storm the gates of hell than revenge, violence, hate, or weapons of destruction.
  • Stories that give us reason to persevere, to be faithful to the One who poured out his own life for our redemption, to do what is right . . . no matter how frightening the consequences.
  • Plus . . . Six essays on the major eras of church expansion and the accompanying persecution to help put today’s challenges in perspective.

A good devotional can lift your heart and help you focus on God rather than the crises and terrors thrown at us by the media ... and everyday life. This is one devotional that will help you meditate on how others remained steady and relied on God so you can do the same.

Pastors, teachers, and students will also welcome this volume as a resource for researching hundreds of Christian heroes through the ages and for charting the missionary expansion of the church throughout the world.


FEAR NOT was previously published in a different format and without some stories by Tyndale House Publishers as The Complete Book of Christian Heroes.

* * * *

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Fear Not

Castle Rock Creative

ISBN: 978-0-9820544-5-1

Paperback: 378 pages

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Whether a raging tornado of crises is bearing down on you or you're digging out of a "snowmageddon" of troubles,
this is a book for
"times like these."

© 2013, Dave & Neta JacksonCastle Rock Creative