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Behind every skyline there are neighborhoods, relationships, people, and stories …

Windy City Stories by Dave & Neta Jackson


On Fire for Christ


By Dave and Neta Jackson

Inspiring stories of Christian martyrs,
retold from the 16th century records found in
Martyrs' Mirror

These stories of 15 Anabaptist martyrs represent thousands of men and women who witnessed to their faith with their lives during the sixteenth century.

The accounts are based on court records, letters, diaries, and other records compiled in Martyrs Mirror, by Thieleman J. van Braght and first published in 1660.

The Anabaptist Christians took their stand on baptism, confession of faith, the priesthood of all believers, sowing love rather that fighting, and a firm commitment to follow Jesus Christ in every area of their lives—their words, relationships, business dealings, values, goals, and priorities.

Through the martyr’s suffering and forgiving their persecutors, believers see God’s redemptive power working to bring to birth a new order. And from the cross Christ still calls us to forgive our enemies …

"Power for living the Christian life today, comes from vision--a vision that the Anabaptist martyrs signed with their blood and with their lives."

* * * *

"From fragmented records, the Jacksons ... have woven together stories portraying the martyrs as people rather than statistics.... Each story is told from a different perspective. The Jacksons have adhered closely, however, to the spirit of each story as well as the historical facts...."

— Janice Pauls, The Mennonite

"Dave and Neta Jackson have written a book that presents the heroic Anabaptist martyrs of the 16th century in a form that can be used with young people and adults ...

"While in some cases they have skillfully added fictionalized details to fill out the accounts or enhance dialogue, the authors ... remain true to the facts as presented in MARTYRS' MIRROR and in recent Anabaptist scholarship."

— Douglas Shantz, Mennonite Brethren Herald

* * * *

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On Fire for Christ

Castle Rock Creative


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