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Behind every skyline there are neighborhoods, relationships, people, and stories …

Windy City Stories by Dave & Neta Jackson




Both Ways


A personal note from Neta

Writing this novel has been an uphill journey for me. Took me three years to write, and I often felt discouraged. After completing 16 other novels, had I run out of gas? Was this particular story do-able? Had I bitten off more than I could chew? But once I start something, I can be stubborn—and I’m so glad God helped me to persevere! So grateful for God’s faithfulness.

It all began with a few people encouraging me to write a “memoir,” because, well, Dave and I have some unique life experiences and amazing people God has used during our 52 years of marriage to teach us about the wideness of God’s grace, mercy, and love that we might never have learned otherwise. But . . . instead of a memoir, I decided to write what might be called an “autobiographical novel.”

Yes, there are parts of this novel that reflect some of our own experiences. At the same time, this is a work of fiction! (For starters, I cannot ride a motorcycle—except on the passenger seat, ha ha.) And, as always happens, when I create a character and put that character into a story situation, things start to happen I never saw coming. So, keep that in mind: This is a novel.

I encourage you to read this story with an open heart and an open mind. Let Maggie’s journey speak to you. Feel free to laugh, cry, or groan . . . it’s all okay. Just want you to know I’m grateful if you decide to take this journey with me.


* * * *

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Fear Not

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