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No Random Act

Behind the Murder of Ricky Byrdsong

Nonfiction by Dave and Neta Jackson

He lived to serve God, Family, and community.
But the forces of hate conspired to make him a martyr.

On July 2, 1999, a white supremacist killed two and wounded several others—all ethnic minorities. One of the victims was beloved former Northwestern University basketball coach Ricky Byrdsong.

A senseless act by a deranged murderer acting alone? Or just the tip of a massive “racial holy war”—one that is now heating up as whites become a minority in our society and hate groups prey on their fears?

No Random Act digs into the origins of the World Church of the Creator (now known as The Creativity Movement) and investigates the evil spiritual influences that sent an affluent young white man on a shooting rampage against those with other beliefs, other skin colors. It intertwines the story of a hate group with the life of Ricky Byrdsong—a man free of prejudice, known for his integrity and faith in God. A man who drew people together across all ethnic and racial barriers and held no animosity even against his enemies. Two lives, two paths, two spiritual forces that ended in tragedy ... and triumph.

* * * *

Even more than the glowing 5-Star reviews, perhaps this 1-star review commends the importance of No Random Act most powerfully: “Garbage! This book is just plain TRASH and Lies! If the TRUTH is what you seek 'Nature's Eternal Religion' by: Ben Klassen is the book you for you.” (Posted by James Axle of Plainwell, MI, 02-25-2005.)


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No Random Act

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Sherialyn and Ricky Byrdsong

Sherialyn and Ricky Byrdsong at our church's Valentines banquet five months before his murder.

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