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Windy City Stories by Dave & Neta Jackson

Behind every skyline there are neighborhoods, relationships, people, and stories …


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Both Ways


He left her a bike and a map—but why?

Maggie Cooper and her husband had been looking forward to retirement together—but everything changed when “Coop” Cooper died suddenly of a heart attack while restoring his vintage motorcycle and sidecar. After decades of marriage and following God’s call to get out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves in multi-cultural friendships and ministry . . . now what?

Then Maggie discovers that Coop had had plans for a cross-country trip on that motorcycle to revisit the various stops on their life journey, though she wasn’t sure why. Nostalgia? A trip down memory lane? That didn’t sound like Coop. Maybe the only way to find out was to honor her husband’s wishes and take that trip— against everybody’s advice. After all, she was sixty-five! Her kids thought she ought to just sell the bike, sell the house, and settle into a retirement village.

But she knew at least two people who would say, “Go Maggie!” Her now-departed husband and her estranged youngest son. And God. Yes, Maggie had a sense God was up to something.

Accompanied by her dog and an unexpected runaway, Maggie sets out on an unforgettable journey, and invites YOU to come along for the ride.

“It’s okay to look behind you.
Sometimes it’s the best way
to get yourself home.”

                        —An African saying


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