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Windy City Stories by Dave & Neta Jackson

Behind every skyline there are neighborhoods, relationships, people, and stories …


                                                         Celebrations and Recipes

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              The YADA YADA

      Celebrations and Recipes


     The book YADA YADA fans have been waiting for!         

Ever since the "party editions" of The Yada Yada Prayer Group® series was released including celebrations and recipes heralded by the fun-loving Yada Yada sisters, readers have been asking when we would create a collection including all the celebrations and recipes in one book.


Okay, a word from Dave here: I can't help bragging about this delightful creation by Neta. I'm not aware of ANY book like it. Neta is an organizer, a planner of fun events, and the one who has enriched our family with multi-cultural traditions and foods from all the different sisters in her own women's Bible study—the one that inspired the fictional novels. Here she shares those gems in an easy-to-use format, whether you are planning a family reunion, naming and blessing new babies or the sisters in your own Bible study, or have gotten up the courage to try making Nony's Swazi Butternut Soup or Hoshi's Japanese Spring Rolls, they'll knock your socks off. To get a 5-star Yada Yada rating, the recipes have to be "easy and delicious"! I know, because I cook, too. And these are fabulous recipes!

If you aren't familiar with the best-selling Yada Yada series, here's an intro:

Yada—a Hebrew word in the Bible meaning “to know and be known . . . intimately.”

The Yada Yada Prayer Group—a fictional group of multi-cultural sisters who fuss and cook and pray and celebrate their way through The Yada Yada Prayer Group novels (7 in all!).

The YADA YADA Celebrations and Recipes—All those celebrations and recipes (plus a few more!) collected from the novels and expanded HERE in this book, with lots of fresh ideas for how YOU can enjoy eating and celebrating with your own family or relations or small group or flock of feisty sisters or even your neighbors!

So take a peek—where you will find Celebrations Through the Year, Anytime Celebrations, and Signature Recipes from each of the Yada Yada sisters—all interspersed with fun glimpses into the life of these delightful women.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's celebrate! (And eat!)

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